Fill your suitcase with stories you will remember for life!

Fill your suitcase with stories you will remember for life!


Hola Happy People!

My name is Said, i grew up in Beirut where i lived, studied and graduated as an interior designer in 2009.
I took my first overseas trip when i was 20 years old; it lead me to France where i stayed for 3 years to do a Masters in interior design.

This trip was the first of many steps that made me discover a passion towards traveling, wandering in unknown places, engaging in conversation with strangers, and making worldwide friends!.
With every new trip i took, i gained a deeper understanding that the charm and beauty of every journey are not limited to visiting known landmarks or touristic places, but are also and more importantly found in the small things you experience along the way: from getting lost walking in a new city to being mugged in one of the streets (sure sounds bad but it’s a good story material), taking life lessons from a stranger, sitting back for hours watching people and cars moving, or staying up all night with people you just met waiting for the sunrise…
These unique moments are what transforms a trip into a story worth telling.

And, what better way to admire these moments than by sharing and spreading them, which is the basic purpose of this page! 
Hopefully, it will give everyone more insights on the magic of being a traveler!


“It’s better to travel well than to arrive” – Buddha