Accompanying an Australian Traveler on Her Farewell Journey to France and Europe: An Emotional Goodbye

My work as a tour guide offers me the opportunity to meet amazing people from different countries and backgrounds. Each tour is unique and special because every traveler is different. A walking tour is a story, and what I appreciate the most are the discussions I have with my clients.

So, here’s one of the most touching stories that happened about 2 months ago. Anne is an Australian lady who has traveled to Europe many times. She was fascinated by the diverse cultures of Europe, which was one of the main reasons she always made sure to visit different EU countries. This way, she could savor the various cuisines, cultures, and sceneries.

Creating Lifelong Memories:

Over the years, Anne visited Rome, Paris, Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, and many other cities. During these trips, she met travelers from all over the world with whom she shared her joy for adventure and discovery. She remembers, with a gleam in her eyes, the day she ascended to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and marveled at one of the most beautiful views in the French capital.

In 2019, just before the pandemic, she embarked on a trip to Spain and Greece. There, she made sure to visit some of the hidden gems along the way. She was always an adventurer, seeking to discover off-the-beaten-path places. She loved to create her own itineraries, venturing where tourists don’t usually go. These discoveries will forever be etched in her mind.

A Special Connection:

Wherever she went, Anne felt a special connection, whether it was in a bustling European city or a small village nestled between two countries. These places called to her, and she answered the call. Every stone told her a story, and every street revealed a tale of the people who had once passed by.

One Last Goodbye:

On a sunny afternoon in July 2023, I had the pleasure of meeting Anne. She had booked a walking tour of Bordeaux with me that included wine and cheese tasting in one of Bordeaux’s authentic wine bars. She was the only one who booked the tour that day, so it was a private tour for her.

I met her at the designated meeting point, where she mentioned she was from Australia, and we began our walk. Along the way, I noticed how she took the time to admire every detail, touching the stones of the buildings and listening attentively to every story I shared.

Do you know this is my last trip to Europe, and tonight is my final evening in France before I return to Australia tomorrow?” she shared.

Why is it your last trip?” I asked her.

I am 80 years old now, and I don’t have the energy anymore to endure long flights of 25 hours to reach this continent that I love. Tonight, I bid farewell to these buildings, to this land I’ve traveled to so many times, and where I’ve made lifelong memories.

Her words touched me deeply. I felt both sadness that she would never again see the countries she loved and happiness for her, knowing she had enjoyed so many trips that left her with incredible memories. We continued our stroll, discussing Bordeaux and sharing our travel stories.

At the wine bar, we sipped wine, savored cheese and charcuterie together. I felt privileged listening to her stories that she loved to share. We took one last walk through the streets of Bordeaux, and she confided in me about her anticipation of reuniting with her family in Australia. As we said our goodbyes, she thanked me for the special evening.

That evening, I became a part of Anne’s final journey to France, and I know it will forever be engraved in my memory. I’ll never forget the conversations we had, especially the look in her eyes filled with a lifetime of memories.

Every tour is a story, and I always look forward to meeting new people during my tours, sharing my passion for Bordeaux, and creating beautiful memories and connections.

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