The true story of a world traveler

In my life, I have read lots of books. Each one of them was special in its own way.

In this article, I chose to talk about one of the latest books I read, Papa Tramp, which was also the first one I read on Kindle.

I still remember that time I saw a post on a travel facebook group that talked about a book that tells the story of a true world traveler. I was very much intrigued and immediately got it on Kindle.

Born To Be Wild – Die To Live Forever“, so I began reading.

Papa Tramp, written by Vainilla Wen, is one of those books that will not stop surprising you. It is the true story of a Dmitry Sivenkov who chose to let go of society’s rules, of a great job he had, to answer the adventure’s call.

The more I read, the more I wanted to know. It was really hard to stop at some point. I am someone who usually reads 15 to 20 pages per day, however with Papa Tram, I couldn’t stop before at least 30 pages. I was always anxious to discover all the events and encounters that filled the life of this world traveler! With every page, I was teleported to a new destination and felt as if I was part of the journey!

Papa Tramp is a book that shows you it’s not the number of years of your life that is important, but how much life you put in these years!

Through this book, you understand that every single thing that happens, and every encounter in your life is there for a reason! Even the most painful of events happen at the right time and also for a reason. At first, it is always hard to understand this but with time, the picture becomes clearer.

Papa Tramp will inspire you to leave your comfort zone and do all those bucket list activities you have been dreaming of for so long! It will show you the importance and beauty of seizing and making the most out of every day!

It is the must-read book that shows you how amazing it is to be a true traveler and a citizen of the world!

Thank you for Vainilla Wen who is also a world traveler, for sharing her story with Dmitry Sivenkov through Papa Tramp! You can follow her on social media and on her website:

I would like to conclude with these beautiful words from the book:

Where there are dreamers, a voice would be calling “Catch it! chase it! Never give up on your dreams!… Listen, the wind is blowing!

Papa Tramp the story of a world traveler

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