Check Out The Astonishing Le Teich Coastline Hike – Bordeaux

Hiking around the coastline of Le Teich or as it is said in French: Randonnée Sentier du Littoral, has been one of the most amazing hikes I have done. It is not far from Bordeaux and can be reached via train or car.

It was a very spontaneous hike. I woke up in the morning and saw that the weather was great. So I decided I want to discover a new region and go for a hike. After booking my train ticket I left at around noon and came back to Bordeaux at about 6 PM.

I was literally astonished by the breathtaking sceneries and amazing landscapes I saw and I highly recommend anyone to try it at least once!

Hiking Le Teich coastline
Hiking Sentier du Littoral
Randonnée Sentier du Littoral

Sentier du Littoral Hiking: Le Teich Coastline – Details

  • The full distance of the hike: around 8 KM
  • Average time of the hike: 2h30min to 3h
  • Difficulty: Easy

Hiking Le Teich Coastline (Sentier du Littoral) Path

Hike Start: Arrival to “Le Teich” from “Bordeaux”

What is beautiful about Bordeaux is that there are many hike trails in the neighboring areas. This hike around Bordeaux was reachable either by car or by train.

On this Sunday morning, I decided to take the train to Le Teich train station.

There is a train every hour that leaves Bordeaux in the direction of Arcachon and stops at Le Teich. The trip takes about 30 minutes.

Train station Le Teich is the start of the coastline hike.

Hiking Bordeaux Le Teich
Hiking Sentier du Littoral

Sentier Du Littoral Coastline Hiking Path

  • From the train station Le Teich, follow the signs that lead to the city center and reach the tourism office.
  • When you arrive at the tourism office, head to the St André Church which is about 5 minutes walk.
  • In the middle of the square next to the church, you will see a path for bikes. Take this path and walk along it to reach the tourist port of the city. The walk should take around 20 minutes.
  • When you arrive at the touristic port, look to your left and you will find a big covered space. Head there.
  • Facing this covered space, to the left you have the beginning of what is called “Sentier du Littoral” or the Coastline of Le Teich.

At this point, when you arrive at the beginning of the “Sentier du Littoral”, you do not need guidance anymore. You just let the road and nature guide you all the way!

Make sure to stop and enjoy every river, lake, tree, and beautiful landscape you will encounter!

Hiking Sentier du Littoral
Hiking Le teich
Randonnée Bordeaux

This hike along the coastline is a great way to cherish nature on so many levels!

At some point, after about 30 or 45 minutes’ walk, you will reach the huge ocean. Make sure to take your time and enjoy the magnificent view!

At the end of your hike, you will be back on the main road. You have 2 choices. Either take Avenue de la Coté d’Argent or Rue de Matato which will lead you back to the Teich train station.

Practical Information

Here is some practical information when doing the Teich Coastline Hike:

  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Most of the hike is made of flat paths.
  • Enjoy the spectacular views from this hike as much as you can.
  • Make sure to bring with you water and something to eat. When you are walking the Sentier du Littoral, you will not find any shops nearby.

This hike had been a very special experience for me. I took my time to enjoy every moment spent on the coastline. It is hard to forget the feeling of the wind, the smell of the sea, the music of nature. I just sat there many times just watching and smiling at the beauty of the sceneries.

If you would like more information and images of the path check out my stories on my Instagram and Youtube accounts.

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