My Couchsurfing story!

Couchsurfing trip

Couchsurfing: the first time I heard about this concept, was in 2015 while reading an article about different travel notions.

The idea seemed very interesting. This is why I decided to do some research and understand it better. Since I am always up to meeting new people, I created my CS profile and thus began my journey with this beautiful community.

Since that day I have been an active member of the couchsurfing group. During these 2 years I got to participate in many delightful events. I made new friends from all around the world, and gained a deeper understanding of how important it is for tourists to meet up and spend time with locals.

My journey with the couchsurfing community and especially the Lebanese one, has been magnificent on so many levels. I felt the need to dedicate one of my blog posts to share this story.

Couchsurfing is basically a platform where members can stay as guests at local people’s houses and also participate in a variety of funny, and cultural events that bring people together.

I still remember the first meeting I attended. There were about 25 people. Some of them were locals while most were tourists or foreigners living in Lebanon. People from different backgrounds sitting together, discussing, drinking and laughing! This beautiful mixture of people from various origins coming together sharing drinks and stories is one of the main aspects of couchsurfing and is the reason that encouraged me to attend more CS events and get familiar with the community.

Couchsurfing trip to Jeita Grotto                                 CS walking tour

As the months passed by; I participated in many meetings, hangouts, and parties. My growing interest in the couchsurfing concept has encouraged me to organize weekly meetups myself.

So what is it that is so addictive about CS meetings?

Well… During a CS meeting, you will meet people from every corner of the globe. People from different ages, and backgrounds. You can be sure that any discussion or subject will be so rich and interesting thanks to the variety of opinions. You will hear about traditions you never thought existed and laugh at jokes you might never understand. Most importantly, you will realize that traveling is not only limited to the places you visit but it’s more about the moments you share with people.

It’s a perfect example that shows the beauty of being a traveler and not a tourist.

Couchsurfing meeting

During the last two years, I made awesome friendships through CS events. Every Person I encountered had beautiful stories to tell, stories worth listening to. There are people that I only met for a few hours as their stay was too short. I often thought that I should keep in touch with them, at least through social media platforms. I later realized that it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s the time spent with them that is most important and whether I see them or talk to them again, or not, they are already part of my story.

On the other hand, there are the people that I keep on seeing. Locals or foreigners living in Lebanon. These persons, have become over time, true friends even outside the couchsurfing scene.Our friendship evolved, and we started hanging out on various occasions.

Who knows? Perhaps one day, even they will leave, or perhaps I will, but it won’t take away the awesome times I spent with them.

It would be hard to recap two years spent with the CS community. However, I know I will always remember all the “Hellos”, and the “Goodbyes”, the meetings, parties, walking tours, sushi nights and most importantly all the beautiful people whose presence made these events epic.

Couchsurfing, in all its aspects, is a beautiful experience filled with stories and friendships. It’s a new way of traveling as it lets the world come to you. It gives life and meaning to the places you visit as you experience them from a local’s perspective.

So here it is, that’s my CS story so far. A beautiful story with many blank pages still waiting to be filled with beautiful encounters.