Hiking trails around Bordeaux – Discover the amazing Gironde by foot

In this article, I would like to share with you the best hiking trails to do around Bordeaux and in the awesome Gironde Department. I have always been a big fan of hiking even though I did not get the chance to make the most out of my time in the past.

During the confinement, I sat a goal to begin discovering the amazing area of Bordeaux and go on hiking trails in all directions. This was how my adventure began and felt big happiness because I was exploring places I did not know existed.

These hiking trails and adventures around Bordeaux and Gironde were also a challenge to me. I set my mind right and went on to discover a new hobby. A small step at a time.

In this article, I will highlight every hike I did with general information. In order to get detailed precisions about every hike, such as Itinerary, Distance, Time… Please click on the hike itself to reach its main article.

PS. I will keep updating this article, each time I try a new hike, so make sure to keep checking.

  • Hiking Bordeaux: Lormont’s Balconies – Les Balcons de Lormont
  • Hiking Bordeaux: Bassens Loop – Boucle de Bassens
  • Hiking The Coastal Path – Le Teich Sentier du Littoral
  • Stroll of the two Bridges: Pont de Pierre and Pont Chaban

Hiking Bordeaux: Lormont’s Balconies – Les Balcons de Lormont

Hiking Bordeaux - Lormont
Hiking Bordeaux – Les Balcons de Lormont


This hike was the first I took around Bordeaux. I was all by myself because I wanted to test myself as well as discover the area as a solo traveler.

Lormont is a city about 30 minutes by tramway from Bordeaux. When you are in Lormont, you can be sure to enjoy a breathtaking view of Bordeaux.

The hiking trail was easy. It passed by beautiful forests, splendid lakes, castles, and old streets. It really had everything. You will be amazed by how rich the landscapes are!


It is called ‘ Les Balcons de Lormont’ or ‘ Lormont’s Balcony’ because there are spots where you can just stand as if standing on a balcony and enjoy an amazing view towards the river and all of Bordeaux. A great place to watch the sunset!

Hiking in Lormont was the first out of many hikes I did after this one!

Hiking Bordeaux: Bassens Loop – Boucle de Bassens

Bordeaux Hiking- Boucle de Bassens

Bassens is also a commune in the Gironde department that is not very far from Bordeaux. It takes however more time to reach than Lormont.

The hike trail in Bassens called ‘Bassens Loop’ or ‘Boucle de Bassens’ starts from the tram A station La Gardette.

If you are looking for freshness and want to escape the concrete city but also you do not want to go far from Bordeaux, then this hike train is for you!

You will pass by splendid parcs and under amazing trees until you reach a breathtaking view of Bordeaux and Lormont.

It is a simple, relaxing hike where you can stop as much as you want, enjoying nature, the views, and ancient castles!

Hiking The Coastal Path – Le Teich Sentier du Littoral

Hike trails in Bordeaux - Coastline Le Teich
Hiking Bordeaux – Sentier du Littoral

This hike is different. It is unique and has nothing to do with all the above! I loved it a lot!

If you are looking to be away from the city and hike while enjoying the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves then this is the hike for you!


It begins at Le Teich train station which is approximately 30 minutes by train from Bordeaux. This hike along the coastal path (Randonnée Sentier du Littoral) is about 8 KM long and lasts about 2 to 3 hours depending on each person.

I can tell you, you will be blown away by the beauty of the sceneries. I walked and walked just enjoying everything that was around me. It felt like being embraced by nature.

Stroll of the two Bridges: Pont de Pierre and Pont Chaban

Hiking Bordeaux - Pont de Pierre
Pont de Pierre

This one can be considered as the classic hike or stroll of Bordeaux. It is a path inside the city but will take you to see two completely different sides of Bordeaux: the historical one and the modern and alternative one.

On each side of the river, there are landmarks that reflect the history of Bordeaux. It is a must for every person to go on this hike/stroll at least once to discover the hidden secrets of the city.

This walk begins at the Pont de Pierre and finishes at the same point. It passes by the right bank of Bordeaux, and then back to the left bank by the Bridge Chaban.

I will surely keep on updating this article with more hikes that I plan to do in the coming weeks. So make sure to stay tuned!

Overall there are lots of amazing hiking trails around Bordeaux where you can enjoy nature, practice sport, and also discover hidden secrets!

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