The Amazing Lormont Balconies (Balcons de Lormont) – Hiking Bordeaux

Lormont’s balconies or ” Les Balcons de Lormont” in French, was the first-ever hiking trail I tested. It was just amazing! I went all by myself to test a new activity in an area I did not know anything about. This hike in Lormont was the first step that led me to different hikes over the next weeks.

I had always wanted to hike around Bordeaux, especially that I have been living in this city for nearly 2 years.

After the Corona Virus confinement ended, I decided to make the most out of my stay in this beautiful city. This is where I began searching for surroundings regions where I can begin my hiking adventure around Bordeaux.

Lormont Balconies or Les balcons de Lormont is a hike that will give you the opportunity to enjoy awesome natural scenes as well as breathtaking views towards most of Bordeaux.

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Hiking Bordeaux: Lormont Balconies – Details

  • The full distance of the hike: around 10 KM
  • Average time of the hike: 3h to 3h30 min
  • Difficulty: Medium
Hiking Lormont
Balcons de Lormont

Hiking “Les Balcons de Lormont” Path

Hike start: Arrival to Lormont

The hike starts in Lormont and more precisely at “Parking La Buttinière”.

As I live in the center of Bordeaux, I took the tram A from Hotel de Ville station until I arrived at the station “Buttinière”. At this point, you are now in the city of Lormont.

This station is the start of the hike.

It is also possible to go by car and park your car in the parking la Buttinière just next to the station.

Hiking Bordeaux Lormont
Balcons de Lormont
Lormont Balconies

Lormont Balconies Hiking Path

  • From the tram station, go north by taking “Route de Bordeaux” until you reach the roundabout.
  • Turn left and take “Rue de la Buttinière” until you reach another roundabout. From there, turn left at “Rue Saint-Cricq”
  • At the next roundabout, turn left and then turn right at “Chemin des Iris”
  • In front of you, is ‘Chateau Des Iris”. You can go inside, and visit the parc.
  • Go behind the castle: there you will find a small path that leads to the “Parc de l’Hermitage”. Take this path and begin visiting the amazing huge park.

At this point, you are inside the Parc de l’Hermitage. Just let yourself get lost for a bit. It is really an awesome place. there are several paths that lead to different breathtaking views. Make sure to test as much as you can. In the end, they will all lead back to the main path inside the park.

Boucles de Lormont
Hiking Lormont
Hiking Bordeaux

Take your time to hike and discover the Park while enjoying all the sceneries surrounding it.

At some points, you will have kind of balconies where you can stand and enjoy splendid views towards Bordeaux and the Garonne river.

If you go during the afternoon, then try to stay and watch one of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see!
  • Continue the path inside the Park, take the stairs that lead to a beautiful lake, and then let your legs guide you.
  • The Parc de l’hérmitage is surrounded by roads from all sides.
  • At some point, I decided to visit what is called : Le vieux Lormont – The old historical Lormont. I exited the park at rue du Pimpim and then went to Rue du Général de Gaule.
  • Make sure to contemplate the beauty of the old houses and narrow streets
Vieux Lormont
Old Lormont Hike
Hiking Lormont

You will feel teleported into a far ancient village even though you are only 30 minutes away from Bordeaux.

  • After finishing the hike in old Lormont, you can take rue Charles De Gaule back and then follow Route de Bordeaux that will lead back to the tram station and parking Buttinière.

Practical Information

Here are some practical information when doing the “Balcons de Lormont” Hike:

  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • There are stairs in the park so if it was raining, pay attention not to slip
  • Enjoy the spectacular views from this hike as much as you can.
  • If you feel tired at any point, there are many places where you can sit and rest.
Hiking Lormont
Balcons de Lormont
Hiking Bordeaux

This was my first ever hike in Bordeaux. I went to Lormont and discovered how amazing it was to hike in “Parc de l’Hérmitage” and ” Vieux Lormont”. I contemplated awesome views towards Bordeaux and enjoyed an amazing sunset!

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