Why solo travel is just the best!

Let’s talk about solo travel, this adventure that many people are scared of, and still hesitate to dive into; this adventure that is as addictive as traveling itself; once you get a taste of it, it will forever be your preferred mode of travel.

Solo travel

I have to admit that, a few years ago, solo traveling would have never been an option for me; however, there are some days where you just can’t find someone to travel with, so you are faced with a choice: either to cancel the trip you dreamed of for so long or venture into the solo traveling world and be amazed by what it has to offer!

In March 2012, at the end of my three years stay in France, I had planned my first trip to Lisbon; all of my friends were busy at the time so I took the decision to go on my own, and it sure was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I landed in Lisbon as a complete stranger and left with awesome memories and amazing new friendships I made.

The most important thing this trip taught me is that solo traveling is Amazing! It’s true that I had many worries prior to taking the trip, what if I feel lonely? What if I get bored?… well, now I know that worrying was only a waste of time.

  • When you solo travel, you are never alone, you will always meet other travelers, hang out with them, share your stories and plan trips together.
  • When you solo travel, you will meet lots of locals. Actually, it’s the locals that will reach out to you when they see you all alone, they will even invite you to their homes and share food with you.
  • When you solo travel, you are free to visit only the places that interest you, and spend as much time as you want there without having to compromise with other people.
  • When you solo travel, you might meet a girl, sitting on the street, drawing a painting that will catch your attention, you decide to sit next to her and engage in awesome conversation with a stranger you will never forget.
  • When you solo travel, you can decide to sit on the same bench for hours looking at the people walking, and cars moving, listening to the noise of the city; you look at the sky and watch the sunset, you observe the city lights coming to life. These decisions will make you experience the city in a different way and form a memory you will never forget.
  • When you solo travel, you don’t have to follow anyone’s opinion. You don’t have to plan anything, just follow the wind, and see where it takes you; you could end up stargazing the whole night with strangers you just encountered, visiting an abandoned house, or who knows? Meeting the love of your life while walking the streets of foreign capital. It’s your story and yours alone.

Personally experiencing all of the above is the main reason I am a big fan of solo traveling.

Since that trip to Lisbon, I have traveled to many other destinations. However, every time I go with friends, I make sure I dedicate a few days to wandering on my own.

Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages; I tried to list some of the inconveniences of solo traveling… Humm, I honestly couldn’t think of any! so let’s move on.

It’s true that taking this kind of trip for the first time won’t be an easy decision to make; it is scary, but it’s the same for all big decisions in life isn’t? Just believe that something amazing is waiting on the other side, once you take this decision. Believe that you will meet nice people, you will make friends, you will enjoy your time like you never did and you will Never regret it!

You don’t solo travel just because you don’t have anyone to go with; you do it to see your self-confidence growing, to feel and be independent, to do whatever you want; you do it because you know that the perfect travel partners are already out there, solo traveling, waiting to meet you.


I conclude with this quote:

“Solo traveling is the scariest, most liberating, life-changing experience you will ever have in your life”