Welcome to my Youtube Channel page!

I have launched WandererFootsteps Youtube Channel around 18 March 2020, where I publish vlogs about differents subjects and topics that intrigue me.

There are different playlists that represent the big ideas I am interested in.

I hope you like them all and always stay tuned for more!

My Travelers Experiences : As a big fan of traveling, I have had the chance to travel to different countries and meet amazing people! This section will be dedicated to sharing my travel experiences as well as trying to give you a glimpse of the beauty of being a traveler and not a tourist. Direct link to the channel

Book / Movie reviews : Always in search of good books to read and deep meaning movies to watch. I always like to see underrated movies for I think they have a message that not everyone understands. This playlist is dedicated to my opinions and reviews on the books and movies that I came across. Direct link to the channel.

Life, Mysteries and Human Endeavor : I have always been a fan of the mysteries surrounding Life. Yoga, meditation and other techniques have helped me dig deeper into the meaning of this universe. I would like to share with you in the playlist, my different ideas about life, the universe and the future of humanity. Direct link to the channel.

My Fan-Made Fiction Stories : I can tell you straight ahead I am in love with most science fiction series. I have always enjoyed watching them and most of all enjoyed creating my own stories for the character involved. This playlist is dedicated to my fan-made stories around the series that I love the most! Direct link to the channel.